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#WOAH! Look at those threats over on #Pluspora:

#Pluspora #staff threatens to put #Diaspora user on #blacklist over not #blocking me.

Joseph Teller from the #Pluspora staff threatens users with being blacklisted, over not submitting to demands to block people as ordered. How many have been coerced into silence and censorship already?
"Be excellent to each other! ♥" my ass, what is wrong with these People?!
#Diaspora #Federation #Fediverse #Question #Answer #Problem #Help #Threats #Threat #Threatening #Users #No-Excellence-on-Pluspora #Pod #Podmin
They are Facebook wanna be's, little Fuckerberg clones. Probably the result of him fucking a goat.
I don't know why I received this post from six months ago. However, I believe in freedom of speech and Jews are not exemption.
Mystery to me as well. No I don't censor Jews either. Just giving an example of where moderation did not work.
@Nanook I mean I don't care if someone makes jokes about Jews. White people are being demonized on a daily basis and nobody cares.
I wasn't joking, they DO own all of the major broadcast corporations, big data, and most large banks and brokerage firms.
@Nanook True. I think most of us know that already.
And yet for pointing out that huge imbalance of power and wealth I'll be declared an antisemitic, while Israel, who murders Palestinians, a Semitic peoples, by the droves, is not.
@Nanook Antisemitism is just like islamophobia. A tool to silence criticism.
Yep and idiots like the twit at Pluspora is using this tactic because they don't want attention to what they are their clan are doing.
My American visa is still valid but I don't need it anymore. I applied for it when I was still contract worker in Canada and they approved it for 10 years.
I use an app to strip metadata from pictures and it makes them look like shit because it's resizing them to 1024 kb.
@Admin charlaMX Thanks for recommendation! I used Imagepipe on my phone.
Yep, me too.
I've read about images containing hidden messages into the image, not saying it's one of them but you know something about it? I don't know if its software or just small texts, maybe something like a hidden barcode or something

@Admin charlaMX Wow, I've never seen anything like this before. Maybe that site is introducing some kind of tracking information in the picture.
@Admin charlaMX No. The original picture has it too. The picture was taken with a Google Pixel 2, maybe Google is introducing some tracking in pictures.
@Admin charlaMX I checked other pictures taken with the same phone and so far I haven't found other pictures having it. Very strange.
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Yes, they're bad too. Unless a Jew specifically calls out the behavior of his ethnicity they are bad, too. Sure, a Mark Levin isn't as bad as the outright evil Ben Shapiro, but he's bad nonetheless.